Upcycled Prints from Collage-o-Rama


Given my superior command of the English language, dictionaries are dead to me and that’s why I’m a massive fan of these fantastic prints from Collage-o-Rama. Made from recycled dictionary pages and boastings some brilliant stuff printed upon them such as the bespectacled T-Rex with a balloon above. A weird combo, you may be thinking but T-Rexi (is that the plural) were notoriously short-sighted and shameless party animals. And look at the size of those little arms of his. Surely T-Rex was pretty ARMLESS. Well, I’ve probably just made the best joke to ever grace the internet. No big deal.

Gorilla Print

Got to love this simian’s sartorial elegance.

Robot Print

I’m not going to lie, I bloody LOVE robots! This guy doesn’t look like he’s got a cold, robot heart – he looks like a reet good lad and I want him hanging on my wall ASAP.

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