Video Games on Canvas

Video Games Canvas

I remember being dragged around an art gallery as an attention deficited child and thinking to myself “well, this is boring as shit” (I started swearing early and haven’t looked back since). Art galleries are dull. You know this, I know this and cat burglars know this and that’s why they try and spice things up a bit by robbing the shit out of them. I often find myself thinking about what could make the perennially boring art gallery a more interesting visit and hitherto the only answer I could come up with was – Guinness. This was all well and good until I had a rather unfortunate incident in the Louvre which involved the Mona Lisa and so rather irate Gendarmes.  Since that lifetime ban from art galleries shows little sign of abating any time soon, a new resolution seems to be in order and I think that I’ve found it with these astonishingly brilliant Video Games on Canvas by Brent Watanabe which have brilliantly countered my aversion to art by turning the canvas images into playable video games – check this craziness out below:

I currently sit atop the MoMA leader board. Come at me.

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