Video Games Vs Real Life Prints

Video Game Vs Life Koopa Beach

To be fair, if I was cooped up in a video game for 30 years or so, I’d be pretty pissed too, so it’s not altogether surprising that the Computer Or Console Karacter (COCK) Union have united and managed to negotiate the day release of some of the biggest names in the video game industry to see what life is like in the real world. Needless to say, it wasn’t going to go unnoticed to have Bowser from Mario Kart razzing around the beach and pretty much every video game character that got the day out had their action captured on film with these brilliant Video Game Vs Real Life Prints. The problem wasn’t letting them out of the video games, the problem came when COCK tried to get them to return to their respective games – Bowser, for example, was last seen rehearsing for his role in Fast & The Furious 9: Bowser’s Revenge.

Video Games Vs Life Lemmings

Not going to lie, I genuinely lost about three years of my childhood battling my Lemmings addiction. I bloody loved those suicidal little rodents.

Video Games Vs Life Yeti

To be honest, it’s probably the most compelling evidence of a Yeti I’ve seen to date. Apart from that Yeti I saw on holiday.

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