Wallpaper Corner Light

Peel Wall Light

I remember watching that hard-hitting 80’s documentary, Ghostbusters, and that scene with the fridge which, when opened, revealed only a bright light and that good egg, Zool, struck a particular cord with me. I got me to thinking, if there’s all that shit going on in my fridge (and given the age of some of the produce in my fridge, it’s entirely plausible that there is some sort of ghoul living in there) then what’s going on behind the other stuff in my home? Well, my finger of suspicion immediately pointed towards the wallpaper, of course, because it was obvious that there most be some seriously weird stuff going on under there. So, I busted out the trusty Black & Decker wallpaper stripper and got to work. Turned out there was nothing under my wallpaper. And I did a loooooooot of damage with the wallpaper stripper given my total ineptitude in the arena of DIY. In order to comfort myself at the lack of wallpaper revelation, I decided to invest in this awesome Wallpaper Corner Light which will, at least, give the impression that I might have a Zool under there.

Peel wall lamp

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Not going to lie, I wrote this post mainly so I could add this clip.

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