The Wire All in the Game Poster

The Wire All in the Game Poster

The Wire is, in my opinion, one of the greatest television shows of all time and considering that I’ve also enjoyed programmes like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Biggest Loser and How I Met Your Mother, I dare say that David Simon et al will see my endorsement of the show as one of their finest achievements – completely shoving their unprecedented amount of awards to one side. My poster of Scott Disick is getting a bit┬áraggedy now and I’m in the market for a new poster so I was delighted to come across this awesome The Wire All in the Game Poster which has all the major players from each of the five series of the show – including everyone’s favourite wise-cracking, rotund detective, Bunk. Whilst I am, admittedly, not au fait with the Baltimore drug scene, I reckon I would do pretty well on the corner, slinging rock. Did I say that right? I pride myself on my believability.

the wire poster


Omar’s coming, yo.


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