Charlie Noble Games Set

Charlie Noble Kit

Debonair is a word that is constantly associated with me because I often sit on verandas of country clubs quaffing gin and tonics and postulating about the latest goings on in the stock market and that. Until the country club owner realises their bottle of gin is missing from behind the bar and the people I’m talking stocks and shares with begin to question my “buy small, sell old, slowly, slowly catchy monkey” tips and I’m removed from said veranda. Given my propensity for receiving lifetime bans from all the country clubs in a 50 mile radius of my home, I think the time has come for me to start a country club of my own. And what does one need to start a country club? Hundreds of thousands of pounds? A business acumen? Drive and determination? No, sir, one needs a load of country gent games and that. And this is why I’ll be starting my country club when I receive delivery of this spiffing Charlie Noble Games Set which consists of boules, squash set and the dapper bag which you can use to carry your toffish toys around.

Update: The federales shut down my country club because I was selling moonshine and a few of the regulars went blind. There’s always some who ruin it for the rest of us.

Squash Charlie Noble

My squash room at the club smelt of rich mahogany courtesy of the brilliant Charlie Noble squash rackets. Which was odd because they’re made of maple and walnut.

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