Epic Table Football

Table Football

If you’re going to get a Foosball Table, you may as well get one as offensively amazing as this one from the good chaps at 11 The Game. It looks more like a futuristic implement of torture than a Foosball table but, rest assured, you can be dishing out footballing lessons on this brilliantly crafted table providing you can band together with your pub-chums to come up with the required £40,000 or so need to take this from pipe dream to your living room. For lovers of the beautiful game, the 11 The Game Foosball Table is truly the ultimate in luxury pub sports but, in the order of etiquette, it would be poor form to drink Strongbow and peanuts during the course of the 90 minute games that you’ll be playing. No quick 5 minute knockarounds on a table of this calibre. And the heinous crime of repetitive spinning of the handles result in a] an electric shock from the handle and b] a lifetime foosball ban.

Table Foosball

Got the orange ball out eh? Snow must be afoot.

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