Philips DesignLine 3D TV

Phillips Designline LED 3D TV

I love a bit of television me. I’d be devastated if I didn’t get my daily fix of Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt and Homes Under the Hammer and, to be brutally honest, the only thing capable of improving upon compelling television like the aforementioned programmes is, of course, watching them on a big “Do-One – I’m absolutely massive” television. In 3D. Just imagine an old granny finding an absolute bit of tat in her attic (incidentally, a better name for the show) to find out that it is, in fact worth, £60 and not the estimate of £25 that the expert put on it. That, my friends, is exactly the sort of the thing that the visually astounding and aggressively awesome Phillips DesignLine 3D Television above is made for. Now, there will probably be those amongst you that will want to use its 1400HZ Perfect Motion Rate (Read: Witchcraft), Full HD 3D, Perfect Pixel HD Engine and Micro Dimming to watch blockbuster movies or sporting events but you will really be wasting this amazing television’s Cash in the Attic potential if you waste electricity watching that shit. What I love most about the Philips DesignLine 3D TV is the fact it is basically a sheet of glass that you can lean against a wall and it turns into a mirror when you switch it off. A love multitasking TVs me. If you’re a cheapskate, just buy a mirror. But be prepared to watch the critically panned “You” show 24/7 though.


So, I crawled into my TV when it was switched off. Found John Malkovich.

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