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cobb watch

After recently returning from Egypt with a brand spanking new Breitling watch in my back pocket (still can’t believe that Egyptian sold it me for £20 – what a mug) I’ve got a new found love of wristwatches. Before I owned a watch, I used to tell the time by judging the sun’s position in the sky and using my very own intrinsic sun-dial. I was late for work a looooooot during this phase of my life and typically ate breakfast at around 3PM – so, in many ways, it was much like being a student again.

The latest timepiece to have caught my eye are these rather excellent Cobb & Co. Watches which are a combination of wood and awesomeness. Crafted from wood from Mozambique and North America, these watches are certainly a cosmopolitan bunch and will make your childhood look shit e.g.

Cobb & Co. Watch: So, wearer, where did you grow up?

You: Bolton. You?

Cobb & Co. Watch: Mozambique. But I vacationed in North America.

You: Where did I put my Casio?

Cobb & Co. Watch: I’ll be good.

Point to Note: Cobb & Co. Watches don’t talk.

cobb and co

I think this photo indicates that, in wearing a Cobb & Co. Watch, you will become sophisticated. And a fan of winding roads.

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