Division Furtive Watch

Division Furtive Close Up

Spies are inherently cool. They smoke, they drink nice cocktails, they don’t sob at an inability to play poker (in fact, they typically excel in the casino environment), they have women swooning at their spyish charm and, perhaps most importantly, they get all the best gadgetry to play around with. James Bond is somewhat of a discerning chap and whilst you’re unlikely to spot him wearing a Casio any time soon, you definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see him rocking one of these, frankly incredible, Division Furtive Watches. No spy worth his salt would be seen dead in a timepiece that doesn’t have a few bells and whistles on it and whilst the Division Furtive watch doesn’t have literal bells and whistles (as far as I’m aware) it has plenty of metaphorical ones. Billed as a dual-linear movement electromagnetic (which I assume is some sort of nefarious baddy beating technology) watch with one of the most awesome faces seen this side of Q’s tech lab, you’ll definitely be able to waltz into MI6 without raising an eyebrow if you’ve got one of those Division Furtive watches strapped to your wrist. But, if you’re anything like me, they’ll start to question your spy credentials when you’ve passed out from exhaustion ten to fifteen seconds into the fitness test they put you through. So, basically, what I’m getting at is, if you want to create the illusion of being a spy without all that difficult shit like running around, getting shot at and that, then a Division Furtive watch will be your ideal ally. And it is possibly the coolest watch of 2013. Win-win.

Division Furtive watch

Division Furtive Box

Design Furtive Timepiece

Not pictured – the awesome lasers.


*RINGS 999*

Me: Yeah, laser injury department please….it’s happened again.

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