Dominic Wilcox Watch Sculptures

Dominic Wilcox Watch Chair

One of my many secret childhood shames is that I never learnt to tell the time. Whilst this didn’t rank too highly on my list of childhood indiscretions – with repeatedly smashing the greenhouse with a football, falling off a roof and not telling anyone (and resultantly living with around 20 years of back pain) and trying to dry my shellsuit on the Rayburn ranking higher in my impish antics. However, I’ve managed to fudge telling the time for about 20 years now by guestimating and looking at the sky to determine with it’s night (Yeah, it’s 8:00PM….) or day (Not sure mate, ten-ish). Anything I can do to detract attention away from my inability to read the time is gratefully received and that’s why I fully intend to make one of these brilliant Dominic Wilcox Watch Sculptures my next choice of timepiece. Available in a number of different bonkers designs, I’ll definitely be spoilt for choice but being a stereotypical northerner, I love a good sit me, so I’ll probably opt for the rather spiffing sitting chap variety above.

Dominic Wilcox Watch Sweep

This guy clearly feels my timekeeping pain.

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