Festina Diving Watches


I remember going to the fair when I was a nipper and winning a goldfish in a, blatantly rigged, game of chance and my initial unbridalled joy at having acquired a new sidekick who I thought would be like Klaus in American Dad (the fact that I won said goldfish twenty years or so before American Dad was invented is neither here nor there. Proves I’m psychic if anything) was quickly followed by complete and utter desolation when I realised that MC GoldHammer hadn’t survived the journey home in his little, plastic doggy bag.

You’ll, perhaps, be glad to hear, however, that that (two that’s in a row – holy grail of grammar) childhood trauma hasn’t made me swear off things given to you in a water-filled plastic bag completely. Which, in an expertly conceived segway on my part, leads us onto these rather awesome Festina Diving Watches which, in a cap-tipping display of branding nous, are sold to you in a bag filled with water to showcase this timepiece’s water resistance capabilities.

Although, and not wishing to be a stickler (I love being a stickler, truth be told) I think most people will typically go diving in more than 4cm of water. My one and only foray into the world of diving saw me complete half a PADI diving course before having to gracefully retire from the course when descending anything lower than a few metres gave me shark-baiting nosebleeds. I think the depth rendered me incapable of sniffing out Guinness and my nose knew something was up and decided to act out. Well played, nose.

festina bag

“How much is that watchy in the window? The one that’s sitting in tepid water…”

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