Fortis IQ Watch

Fortis IQ watch

I recently learnt how to tell the time and, whilst I don’t like to brag, I find it a piece of piss now. Whenever someone asks me to the time nowadays, I’ll get it right nine times out of ten. Pretty good success ratio, I’m sure you’ll no doubt agree. As such, I’m ready to up my game to the next level of timekeeping with the Fortis IQ watch. The Swiss watchmaker’s designers are clearly are bunch of boffins who think they can lord it over me with their chalkboard style watch but unfortunately for them, I’m highly accomplished at arithmetic and will not be belittled by a timepiece. Plus, if I get confused, I’ve always got my digital Casio to guide the way. It’s basically my cheat-sheet for using the Fortis IQ watch. Casio on the right, Fortis on the left – horological admirers left, right and centre.

Fortis IQ watch back

I’m not surprised by the 200m water resistance of the Fortis IQ watch – I dare say that many of those who don’t find reading the time as piss-easy as me will have chucked theirs in the local trolly filled river. Or dyke if you’re in Suffolk.

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