Glycine Combat Sub Auto Watch

glycine watch

I think it’s fair to say that I’m more of a drinker than a fighter and the last time I became embroiled in fisticuffs, it involved some no-good dandy stealing a Guinness hat from me that I was wearing on St Patrick’s Day. Given the fact that I’m terrible in the arena of pugilism, I need to adorn my frame with items that let people know that I mean business and am masterful at punch ups (though neither things could be further from the truth). Put into simple terms, I require one of these awesome Glycine Combat Sub Auto Watches.

People will come up to me, probably to confront me about some drunken inappropriate comment that I’ve made, but when they see that I’m wearing a “combat” watch they will invariably (and incorrectly) assume that I am well-versed in scrapping and shouldn’t be tackled but, in actuality, I will ordinarily adopt the curl up in a ball technique when people are laying the smack down. But through the wearing of passive aggressive timepieces, I can overcome this issue for sure. This spiffing watch boasts a load of cool features such as a beefy hard steel case to scare off the bar-fly bullies and I for one will be buying a load of Glycine Watches from Page and Cooper for each day of the week because, alas, it’s now got to the stage that I say inappropriate comments on a daily basis.


I wear the blue one when I”m feeling “dressy”.

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