James Bond Skyfall Omega Seamaster Watch

Omega Seamaster Skyfall

To be honest, I’m very much like James Bond insomuch as I’m english and a man. In order to enhance said similarities, I’m tempted to invest in the cracking Omega Seamaster watch pictured above which, truth be told, is likely to have people stopping me in the streets asking if I’m Bond. Because it’s the only component I’m lacking to be the complete 007 package. The Omega Seamaster watch above is fitting for a spy as it boasts a few impressive features that will distact evil villains long enough to make a getaway. These features include a unidirectional rotating diving bezel (no watch is complete without one), a minute hand that emits a green light of some description and purpose (possibly laser related) and a visible movement through the sapphire crystal glass case back. All in all, a top-notch timepiece for Britain’s favourite spy (Johnny English notwithstanding).

Bond Omega Seamaster

What you looking at James? Dead spies probs.

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