Limited Edition Bell & Ross Watch

Bell and Ross

I think that it is more than fair to say that I’m lacking in almost every conceivable character trait required to be a pilot. I’m a boozehound, I lack balance, depth-perception, patience, concentration, mathmatical skills, calmness, a posh voice, a dry, witty sense of humour and the ability to fathom how big bits of metal stay in the sky. All these elements combine to prevent me endeavouring to become a Ryan Air pilot (I would refuse to fly anywhere but Dublin and would land solely at the Guinness Factory). Just because I can’t be a pilot doesn’t mean to say that I can’t dress like one and I’ve got my wrist covered with this astoundingly awesome Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT TWG Watch which is limited to just 50 pieces and released in conjunction with The Watch Gallery.

This rather spiffing aviation style timepiece will certainly give the impression that I could be a pilot but a mere 10 seconds in a cockpit of any description will prove that I unequivically could not. A rather impressive construct, this Bell & Ross watch looks like a complete and utter brute and I dare say that it will be bullying my Casio rather mercilessly – along the lines of:

Bell & Ross: Oi, Casio, how water resistant are you, you little wimp?!

Casio: Oh no, no, I don’t like water.

Bell & Ross: Thought so. 100m, me. And your movement – Swiss-Made, yeah?

Casio: Well, no but….

Bell & Ross: Shut it, Casio.

Casio: Yes, sir.

bell and ross

Luckily, I only want to know when it’s 9’o’clock so this awesome watch is perfect for me.

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