Mask Watch by Filip Slovacek

Mask watch

For anyone who has ever been late for anything or those who are late for everything i.e. me – it is important to try and alleviate all potential factors which will make you late for any given event / function / meeting / pint. Needless to say, telling the time is a pretty tricky business – especially when you try and multitask and read the time at the same time as, say, drinking a Guinness / being drunk. In my mind, it’s best to keep things simple and it’s clear that Filip Slovacek is reading from the same playbook with this devilishly simple yet undeniable awesome Mask Watch. Displaying just the hour and the minute and being white for daytime hours and black for nighttime, there is no room for ambiguity or interpretation – which is my principle problem when it comes to reading time. I just see all those numbers and pointing hands and that and I just think to myself “what’s going on here then”? You won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t graduate from Kindergarten and have my gloves safety-pinned to my jacket.

mask watch details

I always suspected that PacMan had something to do with how watches were made. Turns out my suspicions were justified.

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