MB&F HM4 ThunderBolt Watch

MB&F HM4 ThunderBolt

If you want a watch which simultaneously looks like a cross between Wall-E and a combustion jet engine that is ridden, inexplicably, by a panda (Point to Note: Panda doesn’t come as standard) then you’ll definitely be pleased to see the rather eye-catching MB&F HM4 ThunderBolt Watch. Whilst you might be pleased to see this watch, your bank manager won’t be pleased to see you because I can’t find the price of this timepiece (admittedly through lack of comprehensive research) but I am going to assume that this means that the watch costs £1 billion. We can use that as a benchmark at least. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these panda-piloted watches (it won’t be navigated by a panda remember before you get too excited) then you can use the £1 billion as a jump-off point. If it turns out to cost less than that then everyone is happy. Except your wrist, which will almost certainly snap under the additional weight of the watch, and your clothing which will invariably become snagged and / or ripped every time you wish to roll up your sleeve to see the time. Ergo, it is clear that this is a watch for nudists.

MB&F Watch

Don’t worry Wall-E, we won’t leave the planet in a mess this time. That McDonald’s wrapper isn’t mine.

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