Ninja Watches

Ninja Watch

A ninja is described as “a covert agent who specialises in unorthodox warfare” – that’s a bit nail on the head because that pretty much describes me and my day to day activities verbatim. I’m incredibly nimble, can integrate into any scenario seamlessly and to describe my fighting technique as “unorthodox” would certainly be apt (kick, scratch, punch – repeat). So, up until last week, I was employed by The League of Shadows but they sacked me off because I bought one of these brilliant Ninja Watches and my prey saw me coming a mile off (damn the fact I look so bloody good in orange). I was gutted when The League of Shadows binned me off because their redundancy package was tragic. Didn’t even let me keep my ninja suit.

Ninja watch

Pretty sure that when the time reaches 12:00, it will look like your ninja watch has died because his eyes roll to the top of his head.

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