ORA Watch

Ora Watch BlueI hate knowing the time because I’m invariably late with no chance of reaching my intended destination even within a time frame which would suggest that I evenĀ triedĀ to get there on time. And this is why the ORA watch is the perfect timepiece for me. Because when I inevitably turn up late and get the anticipated question of “Why the hell are you so bloody late, you utter, utter bastard“, all I need to do is gently pull up my cuff to reveal my ORA watch and all will be explained. I can play the innocent card with my expertly cultivated puppy dog eyes and merely state “How the bloody hell am I suppose to read the time on this thing – you’re lucky I made it at all“. At which point I would hope that the person I was meeting wouldn’t be able to explain that the watch has three bands – one representing the hour, one the minute and one the day. If the bloody ORA watch makes me miss Eggheads one more time, I’m going to be pissed!

ORA Watch YellowDoubles as a tape measure in case of emergency.

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