OXO Infinity Watch

OXO Infinity

I remember when I was younger I routinely fell for the ruse of being asked to count to “infinity” whilst playing hide and seek and, resultantly, there was an endemic of child deaths in my area after resolute players refused to give up their hiding places when I didn’t come looking because I hadn’t yet reach infinity in my counting and didn’t think I’d given them enough time to hide. Had I owned this awesome OXO Infinity Watch as a youth, there would have been less hide and seek tragedies round my neck of the woods. This awesome timepiece boasts the infinity symbol for the hour and the old minute marker is playing peek-a-boo in the middle there. Just wait to you see this bad boy at night though – that’s when it really comes into its own.

Oxo Infinity Watch

Look, it’s all glowy and that.

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