QLOCKTWO Watch and Clock


Numbers are so 2012. It’s going to be all about letters in 2013 and the chaps at Biegert & Funk (I wish I was called Funk) are only too aware of this. Hence the QLOCKTWO watch and clock that they’re banding about as the next big thing. Now, these fellows are German, so they did a jolly nice thing by also creating an English version of the watch and clock for those of us (me) whose idea of learning another language is speaking it louder and slower (and this doesn’t work when you’re trying to do it with an inanimate object like a watch or clock). Be cool but I don’t know how much the watch is. I conducted some rudimentary investigations of the site and drew a blank. The clock is about £900 so I’m going to suggest the watch, given that it’s approximately a third of the size, is £300. That’s how you determine price right? Size? If so, I’m priceless. Because I’m fat.


If you fiddle with the electrics a bit, you can get your clock to say some truly filthy stuff. It’s already got the word “CLOCK” in there. You do the math.

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