Ring Clock

ring clock

I know that Lord of the Rings happened a million years ago or on some other planet or some shit but I’m afraid to say, that we may well have our very own, modern version of that much told tale on our hands due to this rather spiffing Ring Clock.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to imagine some geek (me) becoming a recluse, madly muttering “my precious” to themselves as they gently stroke their Ring Clock and descend into madness. I don’t think there will be a bunch of dickhead orks or tramp-looking wizards trying to get their mitts on this ring – they seemed much more interested in Frodo’s ring (insert inappropriate joke here).

The Ring Clock appears to be for those who have grown weary of looking at their wrist to tell the time and would much rather give themselves the rods whenever they want to know what time it is (Read: Make sure they’re not missing Jeremy Kyle). Speaking of which….

….there ain’t no way he’s her baby-daddy, Jeremy!

Update: Turns out he wasn’t. Polygraph got him.

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Piss off, Samwise Gangy – it’s mine, you fat oaf.

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