SpringBreak Wood Watch


As a Brit, I’ve never really had the opportunity to enjoy the All-American tradition of Spring Break. I have, of course, dabbled in the British equivalent of Spring Break – namely, getting smashed on the two or three days of sunshine we get a year in the UK. But Americans may soon be thinking about Spring Break in a completely different light – they’re going to be associating it with wood (pretty sure they may already be) courtesy of these, quite frankly, awesome SpringBreak Wood Watches.

I am a deeply uncharitable fellow (I once asked a homeless man to give me change from the £5 I gave him) so, it’s safe to say, that these cracking SpringBreak Watches put my Ebernezer Scrooge-esque ways to shame on multiple levels insomuch as not only are they crafted from sustainable wood and made in an eco-friendly way, they’re also helping to eradicate child hunger by providing 10 meals to a hungry child for every watch sold which, I’m sure we can all agree, is a pretty admirable cause. I gave my seat up for an old lady on the tube recently, so I’m not all bad. Although I did stare agressively at said lady for the next ten minutes until it became awkward and she gave me the seat back.

So, anywho, if you’re wanting an awesome looking watch that helps to feed hungry children, then toss some money in the direction of SpringBreak Watches – because you’ll get both.

springbreak watch

I tried to make my own from a big stick I found in the woods. Safe to say, it didn’t look like this when I finished. It looked like a stick with numbers written in Tipp-Ex on it.

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