TW Steel Canteen Watch

TW SteelIf I were a vehicle, I’d probably be a stealth bomber. I’m incredibly inconspicuous, I’m painfully cool and I’m often used in convert missions to spy on other countries and that. At least, I would be a stealth bomber were it not for the fact that I discovered Guinness and became a noisy, uncoordinated, deeply conspicuous mess. I’m awfully nostalgic about the days when I was still capable of formulating a coherent sentence and sneak under radars undetected (in a time I call BG – Before Guinness) and I’ve found the perfect wrist accessory (often called a watch) that will help me relieve my stealthy glory days. This rather awesome TW Steel Canteen Watch from Market Cross Jewellers is the watch in question and, I think we can all agree, it looks like a devilishly mischievous and stealthy bastard.

In an ironic twist of fate, said watch also mildly resembles a Guinness in a clear “kick in the face” to the delightful nectar that has turned me from a ninja-esque, light-footed nimbleman into a massive, fat, clumsy elephant in the room but, given the fact that the watch looks uber-cool, this is a misdeed I’m more than willing to forgive. Kudos, TW Steel, for your stealthy brute of a watch.

tw steel box

Took me a week to crack the code to open the box. Turns out that it’s just one of your bog-standard “latches”. But I’m incredibly simple. And also have the aforementioned Guinness-related coordination issues.

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