North Face Dome Tent

North Face Dome tent

As a man who hates camping with an absolute passion – why would anyone sleep on the floor with a load of knobhead creepy crawlies and no direct Guinness supply – it takes a lot to entice me into the wilderness. As I essentially view tents as blemishes upon the landscape, it’s of little surprise that my attention was drawn to these awesome looking Dome Tents from North Face which, when congregated together in sufficient numbers will look, truth be told, like the acne riddled complexion of a pre-pubescent teen. However, no matter how desperately my creature comfort urges try to fight it, I can’t help but be impressed with these luxurious looking tents and they could be just the dwelling to tempt me back into the camping game. I think, perhaps, I had been approaching camping with the wrong tact previously – having spent previous attempts trying to revel in the glorious surroundings and to become one with nature when, in actuality, I should have just got one of these awesome Dome Tents, 8-10 crates of Guinness and just spent the whole time smashed. Safe to say, the grey, rainy British countryside looks considerably more glorious when you’re in the grips of a Guinness binge. Hmmmm – I think Guinness should probably be paying me some commission given how often I mention them. Oi, Guinness, give us some cash, yeah?

dome tent interior

I ain’t getting in no tent, Hannibal. Is what Mr-T said when they tried to coerce him into a camping trip. Probably.

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